My name is Jerrod Gibbons and proud that this 
is a family owned business. My wife Mindy and I have three awesome kids that love the outdoors.... I have been a full time hunting and fishing guide since 2000.  We first got into the making fishing gear with the production of Super Dipping Sauce.  This is a scent changed the game when we first started making it in 2010.  Knowing what attracts fish in what water conditions, to water temperature, to species of fish. Being a guide on the water everyday in the summer, knowing what fish like and don’t like, gives us an edge over your weekend warrior fisherman. Offering our knowledge of attractants to the public was just the beginning.  Not wanting to just settle for what’s on the market, we wanted something more innovative....  coming out with the Scent Bomb (Scent Flasher).  Adding more scent in the water, in turn catching more fish!!  We thought "Hey, that worked!".  So we developed another product... Shaker Wing!  A wing the spins and attracts, but also shakes what’s behind it!  Giving off vibrations that fish can also feel going threw the water!!! Our products have won Salmon, Kokanee, Walleye, and trout tournaments threw out the Northwest... The rest is history coming up with lures and many different colors and color combos!  This is becoming the most innovative fishing line around.  If you want and edge over the next person..... check us out.  You won’t be disappointed.